He’s winking at Me! (Magazine Details Inside)

“Dogs are miracles with paws”

Raksha Pai  

– Arunita Walia


Alright friends, last post, I announced about the magazine we are working on. Well, I have further announcements. Would you like to write for our magazine?

– Articles can range from Better Photography Tips(bubble columns) to software reviews(Adobe Photoshop) or Tutorials(like for the newly released Lightroom 4 itself). –

– For your article, you receive full credit, and two lines at the bottom of the article dedicated to you, a photograph of you(your choice) and an internet link(because we care for your work and blogs too!).

– Also, you can send in photographs. Pre-requisites are a minimum of 50 words in description(add location), add camera details, and two lines about yourself(you wouldn’t want to go un-credited now would you).

– You can send in your work directly by email at: hipreetam93@gmail.com

– Alternatively, you can send me a message at twitter linking me to the article that you have already written in your blog or so, which you want to send for entry, and we shall evaluate or a link to your work on tumblr etc.(Please don’t post in the comments section, I’ll make a new page soon about all this): http://twitter.com/#!/hipreetam93

If you have any queries, you may ask in the comments bubble.

– Like us on Facebook:

– My ABOUT.ME page:


Hoping to see all of you participate and help make this a truly global e-Magazine and drive it to Freeziing Coold Heights 😛

For complete details regarding the e-magazine, please head to:

33 responses to “He’s winking at Me! (Magazine Details Inside)

  1. Manipal, thanks very much for the “like” on my poetry blog. I’m delighted that it led me back here to your photo mag–what marvelous photographs! So sorry to hear about the CPox; I’m glad you’re recovered and slinging your camera again. Cheers to you!

    • if you wish, add details of yourself and your blog, and also if possible, shutter iso details(not necessary, camera name can be a plus)

      You can send in articles too

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  3. what sweet pups… looks like they do what we do here with the homeless lovelies — clip their ears when they’re fixed. big XOXOs to them all, wonderful pics!

  4. Love the doggy! Welcome back – glad your back on your feet. I don’t have anything to offer in regards to articles but just wanted to check in.

  5. I wasn’t thinking Arunita was winking. I was thinking, “You are getting very sleepy. When I snap my fingers you will awaken with a new desire to protect not chew my shoes.”

    • that would be awesome. fire me a test article on my email id. We are only beginning work. Or target launch is somewhere in 3-4 months(as we will have 2 months holidays in between).

  6. the winking doggie is so adorable and cute… i would wish to contribute in your magazine but i’m not a techie nor a good photographer.. but i do love taking photos..

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