Sail Away – The journey begins again! (Announcement Inside)

I long for the solitude 
of a sunset at sea,
and the chill of the breeze
coming in with the eve.
For the motion of my boat,
as she swings on her rode,
and the beauty of the stars,
in the evenings last glow.

– R.C. Gibbons

I selected this picture and quote for today’s post as I thought that the last 7-8 days has been the longest posting gap for this blog. It was like a pit stop, only in days instead of minutes and seconds. So with this post, I can say that we set sail again. Also, I would like to ANNOUNCE:

We at Manipal Photo Blog strive at delivering excellence…and AWESOMEness to everyone who visits our website. For that, we go through a stampede(sorry for the bad figure of speech :P) of photos everyday that fight each other to win our hearts, and then go on win yours. So, we have decided to take this one step further. Currently at the planning stage, in the next few months, we hope to produce an e-Magazine, our target launch is April-May for the e-mag. However, seeing public response, we might go in for a full scale print(the more response to the e-mag, the easier it will be for us to rope in sponsors) as we wish to distribute the magazine for the least possible price.
Our magazine will not only have some of the BEST photos posted in this blog till date, complete with write-ups on the selected photos, 2 lines about the photographer and the camera used too, but also articles on better photography, mini-reviews on cameras for you, as we strive to produce this wholesome Photography magazine, only, made entirely by a couple of 18 year old 1st year college students.
Here’s hoping for a cheerful, and successful journey.

If anybody wishes to submit photographs for this magazine, I shall be posting the format soon(wait for next post). Till then…. See ya!!

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For complete details regarding the e-magazine, please head to:  

62 responses to “Sail Away – The journey begins again! (Announcement Inside)

  1. Wow. Ambition! What’s that? Haha… 😉 Good luck with e-mag. I look forward to finding out how to submit photos. Glad you are back, did I mention that?

    • I’m glad to be back. Mention it again and again it just feels better and better~!!

      Check the new post on how to participate with us in this e-mag

  2. Love, love, love this photo. The blue tones, the mist, the atmosphere – everything. An e-magazine sounds like a great idea. Good luck!

  3. That sounds wonderful! Wishing you good luck and success with the magazine! Shall surely subscribe! And please do keep blogging 🙂
    On a different note, do any of you guys speak or understand Tulu?

      • Just got a question.. I don’t know how you may feel but i think its a cheap question that came to my mind. I hope you don’t mind it. ‘how the heck did you got that amount of visitors? I’ve been trying to attract visitors have not yet succeeded. I hope you’ll help me out.’

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