Love Long Lost

There are soo many things in and around us everyday that go unnoticed, things that we used to love when we were a child but have now grown up and just don’t see anymore. We have become blind, oblivious to them.
Today, I took a trip to “Dialogue in the Dark”. For a complete hour, I was blind and guided by a charming blind man. To say that it was an experience I can hardly describe in words is an understatement. What he said right at the end touched me the most.
“In the dark, we guide you. Similarly in the light, please guide us.”
So today’s post is dedicated to the little living beings around us whom we love, but have just forgotten or have turned a blind eye because we just become too preoccupied or busy.

“Hey Mr Universe, My Heart is so sad, Has everyone in this world gone mad!
So much destruction all over the nation, Whole countries suffering Death and Starvation.
What has happened to cause all this pain?That people kill for power and gain.

A human life was once a precious gift, But the world’s leaders are causing a rift,
Amongst their own people, amongst their own kin, When will they realise to kill is a sin.
Despair and hunger go hand in hand, What happened to tilling, and feeding by hand,
Not drilling for oil, Or killing for spoil.

Where can it lead? There are people to feed,
but no! They want power, Don’t they know poor people cower,
Down to extremists, religion, dictators, Where’s all this damage going to take us?

Nature will fight back, she knows she is owed, Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, Volcanoes
ready to explode.
Each country has suffered, but people look away, Some try to help, but sometimes there’s no
We all once were brothers, not separate, not others.
Something terrible’s happened for life to be lessened.

Taken for granted, rich people play, Whilst poor people shrink into nothing each day.
What does the future hold for us all? If we ignore all the signals, we’ll all surely fall,
The balance is threatened, so called progression, We worry each day and talk of recession.
Whilst elsewhere it seems there is deliberate ferocity, Killing and maiming just two such
Dignified people these nations once were, Now only murder and genocide occur,

What must they think of their fellow man, Letting their children die while they can,
Do something to help them, there must be a way, Help us, please help us do something today.
Before Mr. Universe looks down on us all, And tells us and shows us, we’re all going to fall,

The rich and the famous, the mighty, the poor, Will anyone be here after the mighty core,
Has exploded, imploded, and waged its own war, Upon mankind as a whole, the great Gaia
takes its toll,
Ferocious anger will be released, no humans able to stop this mighty beast,
Save our people, before it’s too late, Help us to save them and all will abate!”

The first 5 entries were made at our facebook group. Join our group to submit your works too!
The last entry is by Judy Laylo. You can find her blog here: Thriving Thoughts
The poem was written by Baarbaara. Check out her blog here: Baarbara Sheep
Find Baarbaara on Twitter here: 
Baarbaara is hosting a POETRY COMPETITION  (closing date is 30th June) entitled “The Black Hole” which is to raise funds for their campaign against opencast mining . Details here

Would like to share this wonderful music video with you. I’m sure you’re familiar with it.

Heal the World – Michael Jackson


69 responses to “Love Long Lost

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  4. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing this. This song, and everything else, is just absolutely wonderful!

  5. Great photographs. Really brings back memories from childhood, especially the legos. Sometimes you just have to pause from all the craziness, take a deep breath, and really appreciate the sights and sounds around you.

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  8. A beautiful poem that is so true, accompanied by amazing photos. Sometimes I wonder, what’s the point in humanity when all we seem to do is make things worse?

    • we do. but remember, there are some (hopefully many) who are otherwise committed to making this world a better place to live.

      now we just have to pick the right side for ourselves

  9. There are soo many things in and around us everyday that go unnoticed, things that we used to love when we were a child but have now grown up and just don’t see anymore. That was something that really staind my heart beacause your so right we dont see what we use to. We dont love what we loved once before and i feel like if i wouldnt have read this i wouldnt even think of all the think i bypass and blow off . Thank you for this sentence im shur you understand when you’ve been hurt so much you take things down to your heart you understand things clearer and have much deeper words on paper .

    • well, i once heard that our vision gets more and more cloudy as we grow up. hence in our childhood, we notice all the things that we now simply ignore.

      I understand

  10. That was just fabulous, the poem, the pics and the video – Wow!
    How is it that we all think and behave so radically different when once upon a time, we were all just innocent babies?

  11. Wow. You hit me many soft spots in this post. Legos, deer, a sunrise, and Michael Jackson. The only thing missing is penguins (but that’s okay, I forgive you)! I never thought I would see one of my favorite songs on a blog, so now I can go to work and have fun. Thank you! Happy Reading!

  12. Lovely pictures and poem. There is always hope and we can all make a difference. One person at a time if that is what it takes.

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  14. Powerful. You are defiantly right we take for granted and turn a blind eye–excuse my pun–towards the countless beautiful things all around us. Thank you for reminding me.
    -Jae Lei Nyght

  15. Your images and posts are great and make huge inspiration to my own work. Thank you for sharing them. I have nominated you for the one lovely blog award and very inspiring blogger award.
    Here are the award rules. Great work!

    *Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

    *Share 7 things about yourself

    *Nominate 15 bloggers you admire

    *Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

  16. This is fantastic, those photos and your poem, its touching man.
    I like to wish you Happy Fathers Day, may be now you’re not a father yet but you will be one day.

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  18. Little things are sometimes the most important. And we just ignore them, that’s why we are blind…

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