Because HOPE is all we have (Charity)

“I’ve been debating this a lot in my head the past few days. But I’ve finally come to a decision. It’s been made and it’s final.”

Hello everyone! Today is a really important day. Today is Father’s day. So firstly to all fathers out there (including my own), HAPPY FATHER’s DAY! Children (age no bar), we should all appreciate what our parents do for us. Even if we do secretly, letting them know with a few kind words is never a bad thing. It might make their day, light them up and make them happy. Wouldn’t you want that?

Finally, heading on to today’s actual post. I announced that the blog will move to a new website, a paradise for photographers, writers and poets (one-stop site for all). I also revealed plans to monetize the site. Well, what to do with the money? After days of thinking and thinking, I think I’ve come to a solution. I’ve been debating this a lot in my head the past few days. But I’ve finally come to a decision. It’s been made and it’s final. (keep reading)

From Life to Art…

The beauty we’ve been given,
Is in that which is unseen;
And although unseen, we hold confidently to its’ reality
In a secret balance of faith and passion.

For a painter is not a painter,
Until he approaches his canvas.

A writer is not a writer,
Until she captures creativity through the power of words.

A traveler is not a traveler,
Until he courageously walks away from the security of certainty.

In everything we start with nothing,
Faithfully holding onto what could be;
And although we cannot foresee successes or failures,
With passion we must pursue Everything.

The same holds true for love…

For a friend is not friend,
Nor a neighbor a neighbor,
Until kindness is given freely, expecting nothing in return.

A brother is not a brother,
Nor a sister a sister,
Until they have carried each other’s burdens.

A mother is not a mother,
Nor a father a father,
Until they experience true love’s sacrifice.

So in our desire to truly live
We must approach our canvas,
Walk courageously,
Carry one another’s burdens,
Love sacrificially,
And vulnerably embrace our imperfections,

It is here that life becomes art,
And our lives an empty canvas,
Waiting to be faithfully and passionately approached.

The Poem has been submitted by one of our readers named Cyrus Eaton.
To see more of Cyrus’s work, check out his blog: Become A Human: Blog
To check out his project, go here: Become A Human
Now, to continue with the announcement. The website will become host to charity donations. So not only will we donate all earnings (after paying domain cost) to charity, but you and you and every one of you can be a part of the good cause by putting in your little bit too! I will be hosting all donation events at Just It is a that works tirelessly towards the betterment of the society, and world as a whole. It is also amazing how technology now allows us to work together seamlessly for a cause. I mean, sitting at any corner of the world, you could provide food for one living at the other!
Funny little thing. It is only today I decided to make this post, and today that NeverSeconds, a blog run by a 9 year old went viral. Viral meaning 5 million views! This 9 year old wants to provide better food to the children who aren’t that fortunate. I want to do the same. Give them the much deserved food, shelter and clothing that childhood should bring with it. But above all, give those poor children HOPE. Hope that somebody somewhere in the world cares for them, wants to make their life better, help them in times of need. Because if we humans don’t help each other out, well we might just as well stop calling ourselves human at all. Not only that, the intention is to expand to projects working towards protecting our mother nature, endangered animals and plants, different movements working towards a similar cause.
And people, I would just like to point out that by donating, it doesn’t necessarily mean money. Even if you devote to the cause and talk about it, you are helping as much. So for people who can’t pay (we understand), please share the work and  talk about it. Heck, I don’t have my own money to donate anything. But taking this initiative, I guess (hope) it counts.

I want your opinion. Because that opinion counts to me a lot, A LOT indeed. Will you support me in this tough but hopefully fruitful journey? Will you share a hand to bring about a better world? A better place to live. A better tomorrow.

(If I can ask for a small favor from all of you, please share this post on fb/twitter and Stumble it as many times as possible so that we can add more and more people to join this cause, as well as join our family that we have become. To changing the world, and making it a happier, better place to be!)
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66 responses to “Because HOPE is all we have (Charity)

  1. The controversy over a council trying to shut down a child’s blog helped their blog go viral.
    I love the images here.

  2. I can’t donate one more thing, item, money. I don’t know where the money goes, and I am stretched thin with what I do. I hope you find solutions because you have a good website!

  3. Beautiful photographs, thought-provoking poetry, a good cause to embrace – it sounds amazing! I wish you the very best and will continue to follow your journey with interest! 🙂

  4. Love this idea! I was literally just thinking the other day, about Jesus’ commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” and how best to manifest this in my own life. If I can ever find the time to get an article of worth over to you, I hope you will be able to use it on your site and that it will help. Meanwhile, my prayers and good will go out to you!

  5. Very good idea – just as long as the money goes to the people that need it and not into the pockets of people that run these “not for profit” agencies. Maybe visual artists could donate an image for sale once a month and the proceeds thereof go to the charity?

    • I know. I always fear that whenever I see some NGO asking for donations. But thankfully, JustGiving seems completely legit.

      If you know anybody who’s already using it, do tell and ask for feedback

  6. Reblogged this on Become a Human Project: WordPress and commented:
    I stumbled across this brilliant idea only days ago… I never realized my work would be shared this quickly. Thanks to Manipal’s Photo Blog for “doing”, instead of waiting. Though there are many questions left to be answered, I think those answers will come as we learn to give and love. That’s what is all about, everyone has something to give, and everyone is looking to love or be loved.

  7. Just a bit of encouragement from an experienced “dreamer” and “doer”. The best way to learn about how to achieve your dreams often times is to just start doing something, like you are doing now. Though it is not always on the grand scale that we envision it is something, and it is one step further than nothing. Sometimes we will have to restart. But every time we “do”, we learn. And we get that much closer to reaching our goals of sharing love with the world. When in doubt just love, it’s what the whole world responds to.

  8. Don’t look yet, I haven’t written the post yet, but I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog award, too, not that you need an award to validate your site! You have a great blog, and I love what you are doing. You are an inspiration.

  9. The Irish have a saying, “As cold as charity”, and that is always a danger. However, I believe you are sincere, Preetam, and hope this initiative is successful and makes a difference. My most satisfying charity experience so far was with Action Aid, through whom I sponsored a girl in Andre Pradesh, called Posavua. I received a couple of letters from her, even, so I got some idea of where the paltry amount I could spare for giving was going, until circumstances prevented me from giving any in that way any more. Now that communications have improved, I hope we can all spread love, hope and real charity to real people throughout the world.

  10. I always wanted to make a little difference in this world, to leave it a better place. Thank you for this inspiring post and for reconfirming my believe, that every one of us can make a difference, if we just try.

  11. Looks like you get awards all the time.. 🙂 I have nominated you for the inspiring blog award… I’m kind of new to this award thing, so I don’t know how it really works… Anyway, keep inspiring…

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