We at Manipal Photo Blog strive at delivering excellence…and AWESOMEness to everyone who visits our website. For that, we go through a stampede(sorry for the bad figure of speech :P ) of photos everyday that fight each other to win our hearts, and then go on win yours. So, we have decided to take this one step further. Currently at the planning stage, in the next few months, we hope to produce an e-Magazine, our target launch is April-May for the e-mag. However, seeing public response, we might go in for a full scale print(the more response to the e-mag, the easier it will be for us to rope in sponsors) as we wish to distribute the magazine for the least possible price.

Our magazine will not only have some of the BEST photos posted in this blog till date, complete with write-ups on the selected photos, 2 lines about the photographer and the camera used too, but also articles on better photography, mini-reviews on cameras for you, as we strive to produce this wholesome Photography magazine, only, made entirely by a couple of 18 year old 1st year college students.

Here’s hoping for a cheerful, and successful journey.

We are looking for designers for the e-magazine. If you wish to work for our magazine, this is your best chance. It’s simple. Make a design, send it in and if selected, you will be working together with our team!

– You can send in your work directly by email at:

If you have any queries, you may ask in the comments bubble.


46 responses to “e-Magazine

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  3. Hello 7th heaven, just browsed through your site. Amazing stuff. AND you’re in college?! Excellent! Keep it up, and thanks for coming by by humble blog. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for liking most post. Love your blog name and the tiny paragraph about you. It was a real teaser. You left me wanting to know more about you. As a writer, I wish knew something about cameras, then I’d be able to submit a piece. Good luck with your magazine.

  5. So Preetam, are you leading this wonderful initiative with the blog to showcase student’s work at Manipal? What would I call you (for example), if I were to talk about you?

  6. Do you accept any stories for your e-zine and can i get a free copy of it or just a review copy to see what does it basically have?
    Thank You,
    Keep the good work,

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  8. Hi 7theaven, thanks for liking my blog, just had a look at the ManipalPhotoBlog and it’s very impressive with astoundingly beautiful and emotive photographs. Definitely wish you all the best in your project 🙂

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