Last But One

Tonight’s post is the last but one remaining post of this summer’s entries. The next and last post will be entirely from Manipal students, and much to the liking of many (spoiler – cuteness overdose).
I would like to share this beautiful poem written for the blog,
“To Manipal, My Muse”

Have I told you, girl,
How pretty you look
With your tresses wet,
In the rain. Drops of water
Flashing rainbow-lights
At my eyes, blinding.
In the first morning light
Your cheeks bathed in
Pale pink and orange.
Dappling and dancing,
You tease me, girl,
With your shy ways
And glinting eyes,
You lead me into sunsets.

 And when you are furious,
You cut me with your dagger-words
And I, wounded remain
Waiting for your venom to dilute.
You are my witchcraft girl
And through your magic
Ways I see a complete me
Completed only by you.
When you weave your
Midnight tales, I am
Enchanted by your honey voice.
Your swaying moves and
Torrid love has enchained
Me for life. 

I don’t want to leave you,
My love,
But our ways now, they part
And I must be on my way
But you shall wait
Now, wont you
With your enticing glances
Your warm, moist hands
Touching, swirling,
Inviting me.
Through the smoky haze
Of my memories I will
Ensconse myself in you
For ever, forever…

Poem written by Udita Banerjee.
You can visit her blog here -> Effervescencia
Next up, I would like to share this (and the featured image) photo by Mr. Bag Man a.k.a. Brad Smith.
You can find Bag Man’s Blog here -> Big Bags of Fun
And lastly, we have a short poem by Zane Gilley.

Pacific Innocence

  O my friend fair needs to be in embrace.
  My brave heart!   Love, hear me:
  “Let us sit on sand and see
     Love let run to eternity.”

You can find Zane’s blog here -> After His Image

“A reflection shows more than you generally perceive”  

26 responses to “Last But One

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  5. Gorgeous poems and photos – please send me the Ladybirds for my roses!

    Have sent a friends request on FB 🙂

  6. Hey Manipal,

    I’m writing this as the other Bruce is too busy doing his Soduku. It’s all he ever does.

    But we do thank you for liking the “Pink Slime” post. C’mon back soon, there is more silliness and strangeness about to happen.

    Bruce and Bruce

    • I think that visiting Venice during the carnival period is the best choice that a tourist could do. Maybe, in those days the city could be really crowded, but the colors, the fun and the party atmrephsoe that are in the air, it’s something that everybody should try and live!!!

    • J’ai un peu de mal avec la Saint Patrrick… sauf pour la souhaiter à un breton de Lannilis!Tout près de chez moi, il y a un pub qui fête la St Patrick dans des beuveries qui me dérangent franchement (bruits et vomissements garantis le long de ma porte!) alors je n’aime pas cette “célébration”;

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