To Interpret (Like us on Facebook)

Love of a Daughter, by Tejasvi Batria


Fly High, by Tejasvi Batria

Rockstar , by Aman Singh


Game On, by Arunita Walia


Gobble it Up, by Devasrita Dash


Candid, by Debsourabh Ghosh


Pink Thoughts, by Debsourabh Ghosh


Hey guys, welcome back to another post on your favourite photoblog! Today’s post is different. If you read the title, “To Interpret”, it should give yo a very fair idea as to what today’s post really is.

Yes, it’s to interpret, lol. I’ve posted 7 of the best random pics I found in the pool of photographs that we receive daily, and decided to do this:

You decide what you interpret  from the photo which strikes you MOST

It’s as simple as that. Tell us which photo caught your eye, and why, or what do you really interpret from it.


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67 responses to “To Interpret (Like us on Facebook)

  1. Thanks for sharing

    Beautiful shots!!

    The first one caught my eye first 🙂 Reminds me of way back when I was a tiny tot and my father would throw us up in the air and catch us over and over again. There was never any fear that I would fall, because I trusted my father to catch me. Thanks for the memories. 🙂

    My papa cannot throw me up in the air anymore. lol, but I have found another Father who is there not only to catch me, but to hold me close and remind me over and over again how precious I am to Him. Thanks for the reminder


    • Haha, my father used to do that to mee. But I grew up, LOL

      He used to let me sit on his back and he would crawl around, as I loved it when I was a tiny tot too!

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    • I brush them up with PHOTOSCAPE, it’s open source. The CANDID and PINK THOUGHTS pics are using Photoshop.

      I’ll be posting a tutorial on PHOTOSCAPE soon. Soon!

  4. The second, VROOOM… love that orange paint on the B&W pic. I can’t wait for the weather to get better, its time to ride!

  5. Pink Thoughts especially caught my eye. Even the shadow across her face…kind of illustrates that there are ‘shadows’ inside of her mind at that moment. That’s how I see it, anyway. 🙂 They’re all great photos!

  6. All lovely pics, but I must say the first one really caught my eye. Wonderful emotions portrayed in that shot with the use of the warm light and the silhouettes.

  7. It’s a toss-up: 1) Love a Daughter because it captures the relationship between father and daughter and she is having such a fabulous time; 2) Candid because I like the composition and the “feel” of it.

  8. Father and daughter – wonderful-like the shadows, captures the emotions so; and i liked gobble it up; i’m big on image and moment and metaphorical aspects; objects sometimes say more than people; nice photos

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  10. These images are SO lovely!! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful art. I like the fly high and the rockstar shots…shiny and happy and full of life.

  11. the pictures are beautiful. the sun-set shots are breathtaking! Love of a daughter: gave me goosebumps. two thumbs up! 😀

    • Thanks Vaishnavi

      Guys, she is one of our photograhers. She clicks these amazing photos which you all get to witness!

      (Plus, she has this pretty friend of her’s whose pics she keeps posting :P, I still dont know who she is)

  12. my favourite one is the “fly high ” one …it portrays the feelings of freedom and carefree teenage days so well !!…good show you got going here on your blog lad !

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  14. Wow! That first shot is truly amazing. It reminded me of the time when I was a little girl and my father carried me on his shoulders.

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