(Feature) Photographer Profile: Vyas Chaudhari

Hey guys. As you may have noticed, today’s title is something different. Well, cuz the post is completely different, yet bringing you more of our awesome photos. Today, we have a young and talented photographer, who’s photos will be published in this post. Let’s read what he has to say:

Vyas Chaudhari

I started photography when my dad first gave me a cannon EOS film camera in my hand to see how steady I was. You must be thinking it must have been 6-7 years back! Well, it was around 2 years back! I was elated! Dad had never let me touch his most prized possession, and, there he was sitting in front of me with the camera in his hand telling me to take a shot. I reluctantly took it from him and secured it around me in all the ways possible. I picked up the camera and aimed it to a flower pot in my balcony. My hands shivering, I focused it manually and clicked. The only problem was now I didn’t know how the picture had come. It was a film camera. I was eager to see how they’d turned out, after all. So after the film got over, Dad took it to a studio and got it developed. When I saw my shots, they seemed pedestrian; nothing like I’d imagined them to be. Naturally, I was disillusioned. But Dad said “Very well taken son, you have talent! Develop it along with your academics and you’ll soar high.” Since then I have been inspired. The the next hurdle was that I didn’t have my own camera. I waited for a year to get to a point where I’d think I deserved it. I clicked a lot, learnt the subtleties from friends and experimented. After seeing my progress, Dad bought me a better camera. Although it’s not a DSLR yet, I’m content with it. I’ve taken all my recent pictures with it. This is how my love for photography began.
Now, many people wonder why photography. Photography is one art where you can express all your emotions and feelings in any form, through any picture, and genre. Photography is an art where you tend to see beyond the common man’s vision. My ways of expressing feelings are through music, paintings and poems but most of all, photography. It is one form where I can share my feelings freely with the world freely. A poem that’s written may want to be kept personal. But there can’t be anything personal in a photograph. Only the interpretation. So I chose photography, because ultimately what I see is what I want the world to see. Share my vision, my perspective.

On this special occasion I would firstly like to thank my parents to be very supportive and helping me develop this art, especially to dad!! I’m gratified that my photographs have been chosen and loved by everyone. Hearty thanks to all of you. I would like to share a few words said by my Dad that pushed to what I am today and I’m sure will serve me well ahead.

“Don’t crib when you fail, don’t bloat when you succeed. Success is what you should say when you are unbeatable and failure is what you are when you give up. You can never be unbeatable and you should never give up.”

Do you have such works as this young photographer? Want to share your account with us all? All you gotta do is mail it in to: hipreetam93@gmail.com



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40 responses to “(Feature) Photographer Profile: Vyas Chaudhari

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  2. Great images and for me the butterfly! Love butterflies!!!! Great post and the best of luck in your journey. Remember this, is not the camera but the eye, compositions and most important the passion for photography!!!!

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