Whacky Photo Challenge

Hey guys! Today is the post for “Whacky Photo Challenge” (as you may have read already (-_-).

Yeah yeah enough talk, so what is this? Well. In this photo challenge, you post the photo which you perceive is WHACKY, or which you feel is WHACKY enough. And our photographers did JUST THAT.

Have a look at all of them.

If you wish to be a part of such challenges, do post/email your photos to me, or JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP and share your work. Who knows? Tomorrow’s post might feature YOUR Photography!

What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn!  

Logan Pearsall Smith

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58 responses to “Whacky Photo Challenge

  1. “LOVE” your first pic:) I already think spiders are creepy and that photo took it to a whole new level of scaring the beejus out of me. Have a Great Day!

  2. I’ll have to skip the challenge here, simply because I can’t keep up as it is, but I do enjoy what others have to offer, so keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Great shots – but I’m glad that creepy spider isn’t something you’d find in England – I’d get surprised by them every time and I do NOT like spiders! 🙂

          • Oh dear, slightly worse than me by the sounds of it! I’m training myself out of the phobia and can catch them with a glass and some paper to let them outside now.

            But… if a particularly large spider is going to appear, it’s going to happen when I’m downstairs alone, or it’s going to crawl out of my shoe, or something…

              • I’m okay with them up to a certain size, but others have me screaming for Mr Tribble to come and deal with it. He’s not fond of spiders either, but he’s not actually phobic.

                Is the little green guy poisonous, or does he look like a leaf simply to disguise himself from his prey? He’s very interesting!

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  10. I love the LOVE photograph – but then I would, I’m a sign language interpreter and I love the visual languages that use the hands to communicate 😀

    • Sign language, always found it fascinating. Also, in my childhood, I once almost learnt Braille(don’t remember now), for a Pokemon game that too!

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