Chinty’s Kitty

Hey guys. Today a slightly different post(not a radically different post, chill). It’s jut a simple post, to be precise. Today, the share with you, the Adorable Kitty living with us in our hostel.

Adopted by the wonderful guy named Chintan Reddy.

All photographs by Yatin Nagumantry. 

This kitty often comes to visit me and my friends. Only today it was lying on my bare back, and then jumping around my bed, even playing with my laptop lol.

Eh, I wonder what that izz! Meow!!

 Enough with the pictures! I’m not a celebrity (oh but you sooo aree!)

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87 responses to “Chinty’s Kitty

  1. I love seeing happy, playful, critters that have a shot at a happy life. Kudos to Chintan for giving this little cutie a home. 🙂

  2. thanks guys fr the support.feels great to have such a great pet!!!!!!seriously thanks!!!!!

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