Waves Crashing (sadness)

– By Minesh Wadhwa

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.

– Carl Jung

– By Aditya Gupta

A long sea implies an uniform and steady motion of long and extensive waves; on the contrary, a short sea is when they run irregularly, broken, and interrupted; so as frequently to burst over a vessel’s side or quarter.

– William Falconer

I guess the post title already tells of my state of mind.

I got my EVS(environmental studies) marks 2 days ago. It was pretty decent(very good infact). I was temporarily happy. I had chicken pox this month. I lost out nearly 20 days of study, even after getting discharged from the hospital, owing to endless lab exams, assignments, this and that homework and all that crap that makes your life simpler.

Left with 3 days to prepare 5 complete subjects, I had never been in such an unprepared state for exams in my life(perhaps since 8th grade, when I finally started studying a bit on my own). I was scared. It was hard.

So I started with my favourite and most trusty subject, Maths, and did manage to complete it to my satisfaction. Great! That leaves Electrical, Computers and Chemistry. Oh yeah baby! I was gonna get it good!

And I did. It’s not easy to do last day preparations. It’s distracting. Mainly because the daunting task of completing such a huge syllabus itself demoralises you enough to get scared of picking up a subject and studying.

So there you go, Electrical, that subject, which I feared(still do). And my fears came true. I got a really bad score in this exam. I won’t fail, but for the first time in a really long time, I’ve scored such low marks, and it’s sad, its discouraging, and many things else.

And this comes at a time when the finals are just 12 days away(yes we Indians are crazzy, we like giving exams every few days).

So…puff! Lets hope for the best. For now, I’m going back to studying..Electrical 🙂

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83 responses to “Waves Crashing (sadness)

  1. Sometimes being in such an unprepared state yields the best results. Glad you’re feeling better, and good luck for the exams.

  2. That Carl Jung quote is so very true. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Preetam and many good thoughts with your upcoming exams.

  3. Don’t kick yourself too hard. Being knocked out of your studies for almost three weeks due to Chicken Pox is not your fault. That you applied yourself, and passed your courses, is very impressive, I think. I’m glad that you are feeling better, and hope you the best of luck in completing your studies, with no further interruptions in your schedule. Keep up the good work. One day, it will pay off. 😉

  4. Love to look at the ocean so like your imagery/ It is said that too much sunshine makes a desert!
    Glad you’re feeling better

  5. oh you poor baby! I had the chicken pox as a child, but my children gave my husband chicken pox when he was 40! he has hearing loss because of it. You be careful. Ask God to help you focus your mind on your studies and be clear on the day of testing…He will do it.

    • Omg that’s really sad. Yes, I heard the older you get, the worse the effects are, especially for males.

      Thank you for your Wishes Cindy.

      Have a great weekend!

  6. You liked my paint thing the other day… or maybe it was just today. I made another one, I put your Carl Jung quote in it.

  7. Good luck! You can do it. You seem to be a diligent young man – even if you have not studied much for the exams, you would have stored knowledge along the way, i.e., granting that you have been studying regularly before the exams and not cramming. They are already there in your mind, just try to keep calm and focused and things will get back to you. 🙂 All the best.

  8. and now, you still have time to post ! hehe…its like a breather:) I hope everything goes well now, just keep calm and stay focus, you can do it 🙂

  9. It’s not only that you (Indian) guys like to test so often, Pal, it’s that you personally,are such an amazingly serious student — as well as a lover of lovely girls 😉 An old song says: “Keep on keepin’ on.” Your followers have absolute faith in you, young man.

  10. Sometimes a step back gives better perspective! I have no doubt you will make up! All the best with the next one! Awesome pictures by the way!

  11. Sometimes we feel so unprepared and after the exam we feel more satisfied in the end…unpreparation sometimes is the recipe for satisfaction after exams….its all well in d end!

  12. Good luck! “Trust in God, and keep your powder dry” (attributed to Oliver Cromwell).

    By the way, I’m not on Twitter and hope to stay that way!

  13. Can be feeling be fitted in a scale from one to ten, such as a shoe 9one shoe, as sometimes even two feet, belonging to one person may be a bit longer that the other? who are these people who single handedly took over the ideal of balance and harmony in the world, considering lobotomy a solution to human behavior? Thanks for the post!

  14. Love the photos, very rich, I could just feel it…..I know you have HIGH ambitions, but try not to be too hard on yourself; your intelligence and measure of good character doesn’t always correlate with “grades”…And you were sick! Give yourself some well-deserved slack, and just do the best that you can…Get well, get strong…

  15. Some beautiful pics here! Thanks for your visit to my little “neck of the woods!”

  16. the Carl Jung quote rings so true for me….it’s that challenge of duality…how can positive exist without negative…so interesting…great post

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