– By Mahak Jain

Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.

– Junichiro Tanizaki

Hey guys. I gotta tell you, posting is getting hard these days. No, I haven’t run out of ideas, of awesome photos or such(whoever thinks such things!!). Rather, it’s something you all experience(d) in life, namely, EXAMS. Yeah, exams round the corner. I’m making this post as I sit in the library and study Mathematics(:P).

Well, today’s pics depict shadows. Shadows, ha, that reminds me of something from my childhood, the time I was innocent, so innocent I used to wonder why the black thing on the wall was following me everywhere, and when I finally learn that I can make the black, dark thing move on my own, I start manipulating it, starting with making a DOG shadow, fish, monster and the works…. I’m pretty sure all you guys have done this in your childhood too(now now, it’s something to be proud of, because congratulations, you’re normal!).

So, I ask of you. What do you interpret from these two images posted today(Let me tell you, one of them is pretty obvious, but hey, use your IMAGINATION, go ahead!).

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40 responses to “Shadows

  1. In the 50s in England there were still live entertainments called Variety Shows. Amongst the magicians, acrobats and impersonators there would always be a Shadow Man. He made picture shadows on a large screen using only his hands – animals, silhouettes of famous people and even short shadow dramas…anyhoos, thank you for ‘shadowing’ art rat cafe and I look forward to exploring your blog in more depth…

  2. very easy. They are 3 televisions side by side ( somebody has emptied them of their electronic elements) and fireworks at midday. Have I won?

  3. I’m guessing they’re trees??? Haha, I don’t know lol. Now I feel kinda stupid for commenting because they’re probably not trees at all. So just in case they aren’t, I’m gonna pull a wild card and say elephants! Am I right? 🙂

  4. They kind of seem otherwordly. The first photo makes me think of possiblities, personal progression. The second one makes me think of searching for just the right tree to sit under on that hot summer day.

    I take it you processsed them to give them that look? May I ask what you did?

  5. From the shadows, you inner strength will give you all that you need to be all that you are! Best of all things on the exams, the moment to seize that is yours… Do what you must to work you plan! Your photographs are stunning and speak for themselves as you do what you must to follow your dream. Blessings to you on the journey! Dr Sherry

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