– By Sujeeth Kotian 

Busy. A heavy word. Being busy, something EVERYONE is these days. It cuts your time to do other things, it cuts your time to do just nothing, hell it EATS away your time.  Sometimes, it even doesn’t let you take out time to meet your friends, or talk to your family.
Let me tell you, being Busy is awesome, you can show off and all, but now I’ll let you all in on the secret, being BUSY SUCKS! Indeed, it always keeps your head engaged, and on top of that, you don’t get time to do soo many other things you have in your agenda.

Everywhere, it’s the same case. Lets see:
– Being busy with office work
– School Work/Assignments
– Other work

Now, they may seem to be 3 small points only, but trust me, they in itself, can literally eat out a person. I myself find it busy soo many times to juggle co-curriculars, and studies.

Lets see my list:
– Studies
– Playing the guitar, learning new songs
– Making MPB(ManipalPhotoBlog) posts
– Managing the FB group, selecting photos, brushing them up
– Completing my college assignments
– Excercise(taking care of my fitness!!!)
– Visiting my 2 friends in the hospital(both got chicken pox, most probably from me :P)
– A lot more my friends

A huge list ain’t it? You don’t realise until you sit down and start typing it, like I did just now 🙂

– By  Tejasvi Batria

So what about you guys? Think you can make a list like this (and beat me haha 😛 :P)? Go ahead, give it a shot. You might just be surprised! 


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57 responses to “Busy

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  2. I think I can –
    Working on Master’s degree
    Working on Graduate Certificate
    Work full time
    single mother
    manage my epilepsy (not contagious)
    write a blog
    attempt to have a social life in between
    Have naively committed to making 10 dozen cookies to raise money for the local food bank (I didn’t know how many I’d have to make)
    and, last and always naggingly least, keeping up my house.

    But, we all make choices for a reason, right? 🙂

    • “manage my epilepsy (not contagious)”

      lol you added a nice touch of humor to that

      How are you working on a masters, graduate, and working full time

      How are you doing it?

  3. My list of busy….
    Grocery Shopping
    Yard Work
    Painting a bedroom
    Cleaning and organizing the garage
    Walking the dog
    That’s just today!! 🙂
    Great pictures and post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  5. being busy i having a stolen life while you´re struggling for having some moments for yourself,but it depends on what you´re spending this effort!nice post:)

  6. Great photos!! I know what busy is I used to work 2-3 jobs. Now I only work one and on my days off am usually looking for new locations to photograph. Always looking for a beautiful sunset or sunrise or other beautiful things.

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  8. Welcome to the reality of being an adult! 😀 When I was about your age, I used to envy all the older folks whom I perseved to have so much time on their hands. Ha! That was a big fat lie. The older I got, the busier I got. Maintaining a home takes work, Maintaining relationships takes work. Maintaining a family takes work. Maintaining a job takes work. After biting off more than I could chew on several occasions, I learned how to say NO to other’s and NO to myself (because I always think I can fit one more thing into the schedule when I really can’t). You’ll figure it out. It’s trial and error. This will sound corny, but life is a journey. Enjoy the trip!

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