– By Sujeeth Kotian

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.

– Emily Logan Decens



Today I posted such pictures depicting droplets, aftermath of Rainfall as yesterday evening, we had the first shower here in Manipal, after a realllllyy long time (of HUMID and HOT sunny weather). The wind was like a TURBO JET of AC, the weather was beautiful, everything looked soo lively, everyone was happy. The smile broke on my face when I saw the dark clouds approaching. 

Needless to say, I spent the afternoon in joy, singing my favourite songs while playing them on my guitar.

Next rain, I go out and get wet. It’s another level of enjoyment altogether, to play in the rain, get wet, catch a cold too afterwards, some hot soup or tea, and a novel to read at night. Picture it.

Have you experienced such days? Do you love dancing in the rain? Do share with me and all of us! 



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69 responses to “Droplets

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  10. I like the first one the best too – it reminds me of mint! My favorite rain is in the early morning, when I have just woken up, still dreamy from the night before. I cuddle back down in the covers and just listen to the drum beats on the roof.

    • ^^ Oh I sooo love to do that. Back in my hometown, the tin roof, the beats on the roof when the rain is heavy, and sleeping with a cool breeze and smell of rain coming in through the window. Aah!!!

  11. really really really really really nice post.

    I’m a rain-lover also =) …

    this quote depicts exactly how we feel the same when the rains starts to come “the smlle broke on my face when I saw the dark clouds approaching” =p

    look forward to more posts!

  12. Actually my sister and I were out walking and got caught in the first rains we’ve had in months. Great for the environment but not so for the hair!

  13. Being from England you would think I get fed up with the rain, but I love a good heavy spring shower more than anything (apart from thunderstorms – I adore thunderstorms). It’s good for the garden, it cleans the air and it makes the grass smell sweet.

    The sound of heavy rain against the windows or o the roof when you’re safely snuggled up in bed is extremely comforting.

    • haha, honestly you captured every element of it right. Thunderstorms are great! The air smells clean, literally!

      Snuggling in the cool weather, aah!

    • Thanks perfectmoment

      yeah it’s lovely to walk around. In my childhood, I used to wear a raincoat and jump around on the puddles(here, the raincoat didn’t do much good :P, it was soo much fun)

      Hats off to the photographer!

  14. I too love rain and those tiny, shiny and crystal clear droplets who race down to the earth and provide heavenly pleasure to those they touch.

  15. You paint a charming picture of what rain means to a hot country. Here in England it’s still too bitterly cold to dance outside and the rain makes us feel miserable 😦

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