Inspire, a Journey

Her answer trickled through my hand like water through a sieve.

– (Photo by Sujeeth Kotian)

Inspire, inspiration, hmm, very strong words, with great power, gives great power (you are the giver in this case, to the person or figure who inspires you). I have a story that I would like to share. It’s the story of my father, and how he inspires me.

My father was born 4th to a family of 6 brothers(yes, 6!). He grew up in a remote village in Assam, India(do look-up google maps on this one). When I mean remote, I mean, proper roads have only been made as recent as 5 years ago. Telephone lines never reached there, neither did cable TV, and constant electricity isn’t even a dream(as it’s out of question), but thank the gods for cellular communication and DISH TV which has brought modern equipment and media to the place.

My father is a SELF-MADE man, true to the last letter. He studied in a government school located a bit from his home(I’ve been there!). He was great at studies, and speeches(gives me many of them haha). He studied his pre-university under scholarship, and proved himself by coming 1st in Assam in the Grade 12 exams(we call it Boards here, very important exam in life).

Fast forward to engineering, fully paid scholarship, at Pune Engineering College. Fast forward again, fully paid scholarship for M.Tech at Manchester University, UK. From that village, to all this, and the roller coaster of a life(very much fun) that he’s given his family(me!!!) is something again a person from his village wouldn’t even dare to dream, yet he went on, constantly passing every hurdle, and today, after living in 3 of the Biggest Metropolitan Cities of India(Mumbai, Kolkata, and the capital New Delhi), I’m so glad I was born his son, and I’m constantly inspired to do something on my own, make my own name, do good things(if not great) so that the people who know me are happy, and can be proud(no selfish gains here folks!). I feel the urge to study (that’s a hard thing mind you!), and learn new things, do things out of the box, be “THAT GUY” who people like, and someday look up to and say, “Now see, that’s a AWESOME person” :P.

Phew, so that is his story. How about yours? Is there anybody you can relate to like I did here? Is there anyone you feel has been such a shining light in your life? Or can you relate to your own life like this?

Share with us your story, your journey…

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value, a man to look up to, a man to be remembered…

– Albert Einstein (modified by me)

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90 responses to “Inspire, a Journey

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  2. I’m glad you admire your father this much. This is the way things should be. A great post, fella. Your own son will be singing your praise someday too. – C.

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    • thank you, I’ve told this story a few times, so for the first time, I wrote it(couldn’t do complete justice, speaking is a better quality of mine than writing).

      Perhaps I shoould start podcasting(I crack many a jokes too, sometimes one’s which aren’t entirely lame too!)

  6. I enjoyed reading about your father and yourself. Good luck on your journey. It sounds like you are traveling the right path. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. The inspiration that you find your father is a beautiful things. I’m glad to hear that you are nurturing your own ambitions to become a man of value. I have no doubt that you will, if you continue to strive for that which you desire.

    • I’m just happy I’m able to reach out to soo many. I have much more in store, which I hope someday the entire world gets to se

      Good day Earl

  8. This is truly inspirational and for me, coming from an African country I can say in all honesty that your father has done so well, rising above all his circumstances. I can appreciate the efforts and the acheivements. Congratulations to you as well, for aiming for the sky.

  9. this is just beautiful. Such a wonderful tribute to your Father. I am sure he is very proud of you as well. I cannot imagine the great honor he must feel of having one of his children write these loving. and inspiring words about him I have 6 children…wonder if any of them would ever take the time to write so lovingly about me? But you have asked for similar stories, so I thought I would send you this link to a blog I wrote in memory of my own father.

    And I look forward to exploring this blog further. It looks truly inspiring from the little i’ve seen so far.
    thanks again for bringing me here

    • They love you, they definitely will. Not writing? Perhaps by telling others. It all depends on the kind of person you are to them, someone they can look up to always!

      I guess I’m talking ahead of my time as I’m still pretty much a kid, I mean an adult kid(being 18 doesn’t necessarily make you an adult)

  10. very inspirational!!! as for me, my mother is my light and support. I want her approval most of all. However, it’s the great artists out there [in all genres] that inspire and push me to venture farther than i ever imagined. Have a beautiful weekend!!! 🙂

  11. My father is not only my inspiration but also a friend in times past. Hopefully one day you, too, may be an inspiration to your son or daughter, not to mention a point of pride for your father!

  12. Reblogged this on ixuxa and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… Me encantan las letras , y más si son arraigadas en la escuela de la vida. Por no decir lo que le toca al lector , cuando toca sus fibras más íntimas…Exitos ! (hermoso..!)

  13. I cannot relate to a positive male influence in my life. You should consider yourself blessed to have had such a man. Cherish, and take time to share life with him as much as you can. I have children of my own, and they tell me what they remember about things. It’s funny its little things that they remember that I would have never considered to be important to them. Like tickle fights, and snuggling with them while watching TV. You had it right when you said to keep learning.. Best of luck on your en-devours. Blessed Be to you and your family. Thanks for checking out my page..

  14. Such a heartwarming post! My father was the biggest part of my life.
    The photo is mindblowing! Great detail 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing your dad with us. So many people stand out in my life past and present that teach and inspire me. Hard to nail down just one. My husband and parents make me proud and all of Grandparents had a profound affect on my life.

  16. How truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing how your dad’s determination, strength and character have certainly inspired you to be the young man that you are today, and, in turn allowing us to be touched and our lives changed by the words you write and the pictures you share. May you continue to be blessed, Sheri Hakins : )

  17. Lovely!

    I have so many people who inspire me and motivate me, adding you to the list. 🙂 I wrote a whole post on one of my other blogs just the other day talking about what I called an “inspiration collage.” I tried to collect several people and share how they inspired me connecting them all making a whole word picture. I loved reading your post today. Thanks for more inspiration!


  18. Lovely tribute to your father! He must be so proud! Have no doubt you will live up to his expectations! Fabulous image by the way!

  19. What a wonderful blog and post. A picture does in fact tell a thousand words, and as a promoter for reading, I have to say that these images are very inspiring.

    Sometimes, pictures can tell a better story than any combination of words put together.

    All the best. I shall be frequently visiting.

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