Eat Me

– By Akash Nandi

Food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down.

– Ken Hill

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all my readers. How’ve you been? You know, in the past two months since I started blogging, I didn’t really take the time to know all my wonderful readers. I was particularly touched to see nearly 100 people commenting to say “Get Well Soon” or such when I posted that I was ill. It was really touching. And hence, after bringing photos to the photoblog(DUH!), then adding a literary element of Quotes and/or Poems, I started adding entires on my thoughts, or random topics(well, not completely random already).

Today I write about food. Food, mind you, is of utmost necessity. Why do I say this? Well, simply by looking at the huge crowd of people who “DIET“. So today I ask, have you ever dieted before to lose weight(and ended up becoming EXTREMELY SKINNY?).

If so, share your experience, and who knows, the BEST SHARE might get featured as a GUEST POST on the BLOG.

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52 responses to “Eat Me

  1. I did diet lol but it was to gain weight! I felt as if i was way too skinny and being that most guys like a little thickness where I’m from, Atlanta, GA, the 120lb mark was not ideal for me at all. So in 2009 i went on an all Oreo diet! Yep, that’s right i said Oreo. Thankfully I didn’t get diabetes or cavities lol but I did get to the perfect size of 140lb in about 6 weeks! Lol so that’s my dieting story 😀

  2. I do theatre outside of work. I landed a role where I knew that I was going to have to be nude on stage in a really great role. This was shortly after I had kind of let myself go a little. I ended up losing 25lbs for the role and felt great because I did it the right way. i.e. Exercising regularly (sometimes three times a day, even just walking for half an hour on my lunch break) and changing my diet for the better (more vegetables, less junk food, less eating out, and less beer!). Because I did it the healthy way, I’ve managed to maintain the weigth, give or take 5lbs, because I’ve incorporated the healthier lifestyle into my way of thinking. I think that’s where many people go wrong. They crash diet and can’t maintain what they start, so they are doomed to fail from the onset.

  3. dieted? yes. become very skinny – no way! lol! Something that has always struck me as bizarre are magazines that show cover pictures of delicious looking and exceptionally fattening food and also carry articles on diet and exercise! It’s a reflection of the eating/dieting rollercoaster that so many people seem to live on! Very cool photo by the way!

      • I did diet. I lost about 25 lbs. I probably over did it at first and was too skinny I ended up gaining weight to look fuller. I gave up soda, condiments, junk food etc. I’ve been able to keep the weight off for over 10 years.

  4. Diets have never worked for me in the long term. Portion sizes and activity level have been the only way to consistently manage my weight. The last time I did something extreme in the diet realm I went from 180 lbs to 128 and ballooned right back to 190…I’ve seen this happen over and over again to women around me. Managing your weight has to be a lifestyle, not a short term “diet.”

    • I remember when my friend had seen me after about 6 months(since I had started dieting). He exclaimed:

      “Preetam, you’ve SHRUNK!!”


      I still remained like that. The maximum that happens is I get a belly, and then I work it out again.”

  5. I’ve had a rocky love affair with dieting ever since I can remember since I was born big. Try hard as I could, I was not able to get to the the skinny size, mainly because of my genes. I’ve been on fruit fast (had to give it up cos I got so hungry and then binged), been on oil and sugar free diet (food became so bland and tasteless) been exercising (gave it up cos my schedule did not permit me) and now I said to heck with it, since I now suffer from gastric ulcer of the stomach, I should not go hungry and limit myself to certain foods that may aggravate the problem. I have given up, because nothing seemed to have worked. I am happy the way I am, or am I?

  6. Hi Manipal,
    Thank you for stopping by and for hitting the like button on my post!
    I am not a foodie photographer but those colors are stunning on your photo.
    Answer to your question: Yes, I have been on diets in my younger years but stopped when I arrived at the weight that I wanted. It’s too dangerous to keep it up!

    Have a nice day 🙂

  7. This is my first visit here, but I do hope you’re in great health :). I love the composition in this photo.. Just beautiful. I can’t wait to look around and view your work more 🙂

  8. Hi Manipal. Hope you’re doing well. Just dropping you a line to say your blog is great. Thank you so much for liking my “Indian Night” post. All this is very new to me and quite daunting as everyone’s blogs look so good and I’m still very much a a beginner and am learning how to make mine look better.
    Keep up the wonderful work and look forward to reading more of your stuff. Have a great day 🙂

  9. The only time I was actually skinny was when I had a serious illness and almost died. But I always say that a good case of amoebas and parasites are the most effective weight loss option I know!

      • I was living in Ecuador and had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy…nearly bled to death…then on top of that I got a para-typhoid infection. I was pretty sick for a few months trying to recover. 🙂 But…God was gracious, healed my body and got me back on my feet!

  10. Life is too short to live on a diet. I just don’t watch fashion shows, and everything seems to work out fine for me. 🙂 Spandex in the old jeans was a great idea, though, I’ll give the fashion designers that!

  11. Funny Story, Last two week I tried to gain some weight by having two dinner at the same time…after weeks..I lost 5kg… heheehe I never try to diet but I tried very hard to gain weight. hehehe 😛

  12. I’ve dieted many times with the ultimate goal of becoming very skinny. Only once, back in the early 90s did I (nearly) succeed. Lost 110 pounds and looked very, very good (IMO). Quit smoking at the same time. Sadly, after three or so years, the tobacco reintroduced itself to me and so did the amazing variety of beautiful, sensual foods. I’m right back where I started…

  13. I used to diet (as a teenager). Does that count? Most teenage girls from the 90’s starved themselves to be string beans.
    I used to put pictures of Whitney Houston (one of the most skinniest people of that time) around the house…on the fridge…in my closet…bathroom mirror for a reminder of how good I should look. I was one of those teenagers that the media used for its audience. Whatever the fashion magazines said, I did it.
    Did I lose weight? Yes, but I was already thin. You could literally see my rib cage.
    It wasn’t until college when I realized, “who cares?” Plus, I was hungry!
    I went up 4 sizes and my body finally started feeling like it should…healthy.
    I never diet! I only eat healthy foods. Sometimes I’ll snack or have a piece of chocolate, but I never have cravings. Even when I was pregnant, I rarely craved anything. Although, I did eat a lot of grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. This was my downfall. Plus so not healthy.
    It’s been 11 months since my son has been born and I did not diet once after the pregnancy. Through the foods I am choosing to eat, staying active, and being positive, I have already surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight.
    I feel it’s all about appreciating the food you prepare to eat and enjoying it. Eat healthy and you’ll be healthy. Love the skin you are in!

    • Rib cage.. Sigh, that’s something my mom keeps pointing out (or kept, now I’m much much better off).

      Gonna start gymming in a few months!

  14. I have never been “really skinny”. Ever. 🙂 But, on the flip side, I am very well proportioned and even when I have been bigger, have been able to hide my weight fairly well. After I had children, my body metabolism slowed down and my eating increased – being a stay at home mom is wonderful and I wouldn’t trade that experience for all the skinniness in the world – but it does cause stretches of boredom (followed by short bursts of extreme anxiety when a child was sick or trying to fly off the roof). I would fuel the boredom with many trips to the kitchen. Did you know you can polish off a bag of potato chips or a left over basket of Easter candy in the 15 minutes of quiet you get when the miraculous occurrence of everyone napping at the same time finally manifests?

    However, my weight continued to climb and I was having difficulty doing the mundane things like tying my shoes or climbing a flight of stairs, so I joined a group for people with eating disorders and was able to re-evaluate my life and change my eating. I lost about 85 pounds, and started exercising. I have since gained about 30 of those pounds back, due to a lapse back into poor food choices, but I still work out regularly (I think you referred to it as “gymming”!) and have been trying to get back to making more consistent healthy food choices. Not easy – my job is horribly stressful and my age and hormones want to hang on to every ounce. My consolation is that I am physically fit (I ran 5 miles today, came home and then walked my dogs another 2) and can still do fun things like biking and rollerblading and snow-shoeing without a problem.

    So no rib cage sightings for this gal – 🙂 But I do have lots of muscles!

    • wow, that’s quite a journey you had huh. Indeed loads of variations. Kinda like climbing up and down many hills.

      P.S.(I like your story account, and the muscles too :P)

      • Thank you! I would love to write for your e-magazine, but I know absolutely nothing about photography (except that I like cool pictures) and any great shot I happen to get is usually by accident.

        If you liked my story account, you may like my other blog “The Back Bedroom” ( as well as my Thinspaces one.

    • Well, you never know what you might actually know without taking the plunge 😀

      And we are taking in articles on general topics too(who can read 50+ pages of just photography c’mon) and software reviews like Adobe Lightroom 4 etc etc

  15. Food (especially chocolate !) is my brain’s fuel : I think about it all the time !!! Of course, I have dieted before because I’m obsessed with fashion magazines, so to me “normal” is “skinny”. I really like the picture and I wanted to say thanks for liking my “Damien Hirst” post !

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