Chicken Pox – Recollection of an Experience

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

Chicken Pox… my my, this disease. What a bugger(and bummer?). I spent the last 8 days in a hospital room(confinement in any form =  jail, confirmed by me). I’ll try to write down my experience(sigh again!) here in the form of a blog entry as best as I can (forgive the amateur-ness :P).

A few months ago(December 2011):
I was at home for winter vacations. As my family had shifted to a new city(from the capital of India, New Delhi, to a southern IT hub, Hyderabad, the shift was kind-of  a downgrade for me in terms of lifestyle and things to do(it’s a dull city in comparision, HONEST!).

So my mom said, get Vaccinated as you live in a hostel with hundreds(thousands actually) of other students. The possibility of getting a disease, VERY HIGH!
And so I told my mom (because I’m a DUMB JACK-ASS), “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get anything. Chicken Pox? HA! That thing ain’t gonna get me.”
You see, I grew up seeing all my friends getting chicken-pox in my childhood, and never once got it, so I thought I was you know..anti-chicken pox guy, invincible or something, well LOL to that!

Few days before March 31st:
 I realized one morning that my tongue felt wired. I ignored, thinking my mouthwash has something to do with it. Big mistake. I got high fever and body ache, but popped a crocin and danced around, went to a concert(Kailash Kher! It was worth it!!), jumped on the streets, jumped pointlessly in a group with my friends, all to get silly pictures with my friends(got a TON! of them). Fever and body ache kept trying to bring me down, but adamant me, resilient me, won’t listen, won’t care, popped another crocin and kept going on…

March 30th:
I notice TWO pimples (that’s what I thought back then!) on my face, and decide to do the non-girly reaction, which is, ignore it. Yeah, another mistake on my part, cuz when they popped later that day(after my bath), boy they turned red and hurt(those two are probably gonna scar on my face as I scratched them!). But, since I’m an adamant bastard, I don’t give a damn, living in my delusion that I’ll never get Chicken Pox(oh about that, if you’re amongst those who also think like me… well THINK AGAIN!).
I spent the night playing with water(SOAP WATER, with coffee powder, tooth paste and the works) as it was my friend’s birthday, and we were to wash and beat the hell out of him, because we wanted to smear CAKE on his clean face and body of course(of which I swung my hand and grabbed a HUGE piece for myself, YAY!).

March 31st:
Woke up quite late. Felt hot, itchy…. Saw a blister on my stomach. Touched it, and POP. The same red result as on my head…. That’s when I got suspicious…
Went to the hospital with a friend and waited for an hour to get a doctor to look at me. And boy when he did, he almost jumped his seat, exclaiming, “Over 80 cases now”.
The next 2 hours, my friend spent running around getting all formalities done, paying the advance, as I was to be admitted for a minimum of 5 days, in ISOLATION(I know, sounds really bad, but my friends kept visiting!).
Infact, the entire day, I got soooo many visitors, at night I begged them to Leave saying “This is an ISOLATION ward, let me be friggin’ ISOLATED for a while”.
Oh yeah, and the first text message from my friend, “You want me to bring some chicken for you :P”. Yeah you ass!

April 1st till 4th:
That’s when the disease struck, and those bubbles(as I liked to call all the liaisons, sic) popped all over my body, back and FACE(nooooo not the face!). The rest of the day was painful, really. First due to all those “bubbles”, then due to the tonsils(seriously god, these aren’t necessary!) and then the blisters in my mouth together wouldn’t let me eat food. And to top it off, I had a friggin fungal infection at a place where scratching would lead to more scratching and HURT, BURN. Whole day was soo painful!!! Soo, I got shifted to an AC room(yippie). TV was my best friend for the next few days.
Oh, there was a time when me and my friends were actually discussing how pointless the disease really is, as it is a complete failure in it’s motive, and it just dies out in a few days(we were trying to make the bloody disease feel ashamed of itself lOl). This is what boredom drives you to I guess.
Oh and did I mention just HOW many chocolates I had once the blisters in my mouth got less painful?(I didn’t have a friggin’ BELLY before I got admitted to the hospital!!! AArrrGHH!!)

April 7th:
So, after 8 days, the doctors decided to deem me fit for the world again, and the only reason I shouldn’t freely hang about are the social causes(namely, people’s reaction when they see spots on my LOVELY face). So I still have to live separately for a few more days, and as I sit in this new hostel room allocated to me exclusively for the next few days(3-4, I can’t WAIT to get out), I write all this, hoping I amused many, but more importantly, got my message through.

“Don’t think you’re bloody invincible and won’t get a disease, cuz when you do, in the words of the great RUSSEL PETER’s DAD, Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!”

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119 responses to “Chicken Pox – Recollection of an Experience

    • Thank you Robyn. I’m also proud to tell you that we are working on an e-magazine as a culmination of the months of this photoblog, full with articles and all. Lets hope we achieve this goal.

  1. Oh my… but let me tell you, even if you had gotten caccinated, you might have gotten it. Chicken pox is like that. I got it at age 13, and I was already old to get it… it can beat you really bad. Glad you’re ok now.

  2. You made me laugh out loud! I love how you write. So colorful! I got scars on my face from chicken pox. I had them when I was a little girl. Later, as a grown-up, I got a plastic surgeon to rid me of the scars. Just last year, in fact. I’m so vain! The girly reaction. Yay!

    Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

  3. Oh, Manipal, that sounds horrid. My daughter got it from my son when she was 14 and that was bad enough. BUT – vaccinations don’t always work. And chickenpox – well, iItruly think it’s best t have some of these diseases , as it does help your immune system. We were built to fend off disease! you’re better aren’t you? Hope you feel as good as new soon, and aren’t too scarred!

  4. Ye-Gads! What an ordeal! So happy to hear you are doing well enough to be released from hospital. Here’s to hoping you never have to go through that ever again.

  5. Welcome back to the land of the healthy. There is a message here for all parents. When your child is young, and a classmate gets chicken pox, make sure your child does too. On the other hand, there are vaccinations available for this disease that are very effective.

  6. I remember when my sons had this. When the first one broke out with it and I realized what it was, I stuck them all in the same room together so they would all get it at the same time as kids. It was a tough week or so for them, but at least it was manageable and they don’t have to worry about it now! LOL

    Welcome back.

  7. And how’s the super-kid today? From the post, I reckon much better…

    Oh well… as they say, live and learn; it ain’t half as much fun when you do like others tell you.

    What would you have blogged if you had listened to ‘dear, ole’ Mom? 🙂

    Get well soonest now, and keep up the good work!

    Cheers! 🙂

  8. I am glad to hear you survived. They can be deadly. Nothing to fool around with those dang pox from chickens.
    Your recounting of it was hilarious though….:) I am glad you will be out and about soon!

  9. I got chicken pox at 18. I have the scars on my forehead to show the world how I suffered. I feel so bad for you, the older you get, the worse the case. Glad you’re back.

      • Don’t worry it only took me ten or so years to forget they are there. And now I know when people see them they think they are acne scars. I did have them acid peeled and sandpapered & you can no longer park a ping-pong ball in them. Maybe a couscous dot sized hole. Be thankful you are alive.

  10. You should listen to your Mom, mothers know better always 🙂 I am so glad to see you back and also to see you get well… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  11. I just met you and you left. So glad I can keep up with you again and so happy you are on the other side of the nasty chicken pox. Rest easy and know we are all waiting….

    • I’m back now, and more lively than ever! Best part, I had my guitar the past 8 days. Learnt some new songs. Feels lovely to sing(shocks the doctor who just enters your room, you’re supposed to be lying down on the bed :P)

  12. Nasty business, glad you’re back. Perhaps some of those photos of you with your friends would be worth posting. But more importantly, take it easy and recover well.

  13. Hi There

    Sorry you had to go through all that.

    (Not that your mom was not right, but If it makes you feel any better, I am one of the ‘one in ????’ who has been vaccinated, yet have no immunity to chicken pox…so ya, I can still get it … even after being poked. Twice 🙂 )

    Feel better soon. 🙂


  14. Oh poor u!!I am so glad you’re finally back…Have never had to deal with this myself, so I don’t know how it feels. But unlike you, I am paranoid, and got myself vaccinated.Get well soon, and keep posting.Missed you!

    P.S.: You live in Hyderabad??!!

  15. Glad you’re better! This was really interesting to read because you so rarely hear stories about people’s experiences with that when they’re older (don’t know how old you are, but clearly not a child!). I’ve always heard chicken pox is so much worse if you get it when you’re older, but never really heard why. Sheesh sounds horrid.

    • yeah, that’s why I thought, why not write it eh

      Yeah I heard that too. But since I’m a really brave boy(man), I don’t fear (:P)

  16. Happy you are ok. As a mom, I’ll share this story that was prompted after reading yours. I told my son tonight that he could get the chicken pox and he asked me how a human can get it. He’s only six. I laughed and thought that was a good question, I never thought of that. Looking to see your fabulouse photos when you do post them. Welcome back . 🙂

    • Well, it’s like telling a 5 year old human boy that he can get Swine flu, from the pigs LOL

      I had a laugh reading your comment haha Thanks Martina

  17. Oh my goodness. You poor thing! I’m sorry but when you posted it, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke because my son’s friend posted one that he had had to go to hospital also – that was an April Fool’s joke. Get well soon.

  18. I remember getting chicken pox when I was a child. However, the beginning of the year, I got measles. I was isolated for a week..That is how I started blogging!

    Get better………………

  19. Ah, I’m glad you’re better, this happened to me as well. I got it from a professor, that was quite a horrible experience, my chicken pox brother, lol. Here’s to your health!

  20. Chickenpox is most infectious from one to two days before the rash starts, until all the blisters have crusted over (usually five to six days after the start of the rash).If your child has chickenpox, try to keep them away from public areas to avoid contact with people who have not had it, especially people who are at risk of serious problems, such as newborn babies, pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system (for example, people having cancer treatment or taking steroid tablets)..

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