Inactivity for the next few days

I won’t be updating the blog for the next few days as I’ve been admitted to the hospital, since I am suffering from Chicken Pox (sigh).

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129 responses to “Inactivity for the next few days

  1. drink some hot tea, that will help make them show up – ask a nurse if it is okay, i did this a very very long time ago….

    David in Maine USA

    take care and hurry back! get well soon…..

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry! We send you good wishes from Colorado and prayers for your speedy recovery!
    We look forward to more of the beautiful work you take and publish!



    • I know, it’s a TERRIBLE joke on me. I wished to have walked out of the hospital the very next day and announce to everyone , HA April Fool!!!

      But sadly…it turned out to be a painful, and real day for me

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. Try to avoid scratching the itches to prevent scars. In the meantime, I’ll keep you in my prayers. I suspect a lot of us will. I hope you are feeling better real soon.

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You never know you might find something interesting to photograph when you are feeling a bit better 🙂 EllaDee

  5. I hope you get to feeling better! I had that about 6 years ago myself! Would have been better to have as a kid I think, not fun at any age!!! Hopefully they give you meds to help with the itching! They did for me and that helped!
    Hugz to you! Lisa

  6. Wow. Guess its better than having shingles, eh? Either way, both are dangerous to get as an adult. My prayer for you is simple; that you be relieved of any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, that your bodies immune system be strong and finally that you get better quickly. Take care, Manipal. Post when you can!

  7. Now that you have chicken pox – eventually, in your older years, you will be very likely to come down with shingles. A painful affliction caused by a segment of the chicken pox virus that literally hides out for decades in the canal surrounding your spinal cord.

    Now, there is a vaccine for shingles. It works. It’s often overpriced because it’s new to the market. It’s really worth it.

    How do I know it works? I was one of the human test subjects before it was certified by the FDA here in the States. So, I got it free. 🙂

  8. Feel better and hope you get well as quickly as possible. Sending you healing thoughts from Australia!

  9. I was only like 3 or 4 years old when I got chicken pox. I was convinced it was “chicken POPS” and that you weren’t supposed to scratch the bumps because chickens would pop out! That freaked me out so much I never scratched, lol!

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