– Sajjad Fazel

Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips.


– Joy Porsche



I would like to say a few words. This blog has come a long way since it’s inception, and ever since that time, it has been well received by soo sooo many of you people(without whom this blog wouldn’t have lasted another day, thanks for all your support).

This blog has received soo many nominations for awards, but I haven’t been making posts about it. Well, time to change that. From now on, as a sign of being a responsible blogger and helping other amazing bloggers to reach the same height of popularity as the greatest of the greats(because their blogs are awesome in their respective ways), I will keep a small section of a POST dedicated to them. Like today:


“I’ve just posted a post about gorgeous photos, and right away my email informs me there’s a blogger who pressed Like on it. Common courtesy ensues with me checking out his page, then his blog.
And the minute his blog loaded, I was floored.
Gorgeous images, all over the place. I was immediately sucked right into this awesome blogger’s little paradise of photos, all simple but absolutely breathtaking.”

This guy’s blog is full of photos, all in high quality and with a simplicity that is really quite profound. Any of you guys who are interested in photography should DEFINITELY check out his blog.


Thank you for all this support. I will be making more such posts in the future. Thank you everyone, I hope to see your continued support.

Good day to all!

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47 responses to “Splash!

  1. Great photos. 😀 I hate to admit that I just figured out how to navigate on your site. It is stunning to open up the calendar and after reading your “ABOUT” page I figured you were a person of no words ;). Boy, what a nice surprise to see I was so wrong.

    Thanks for all the “likes” on my blog and for following it.

  2. Hi Preetam, I love the way you present these wonderful images. This one is amazing! I would like to read more about you – your country and culture are so different to mine. So please write a page about you! 🙂 (P.s. my name is Jacqueline)

    • Hey Jacqueline. Thank you for your warm words. You got me thinking here. I think I will definitely add a PAGE about Me as well, writing about the life in my country(India), my life in this country, our culture. It’s a great idea, and I have started working on it already.

      Thanks to you!

      • Excellent! I’ll look forward to reading it! I found that when I revealed a little more about myself and my life, more people commented on my blogs. That has made me feel so much more connected to my ‘friends’ all over the world! 🙂

    • Hey Sony. Thanks

      How’ve you been?

      I really wanted to thank you and some others. We have reached such milestones with this blog. But you guys were amongst the first followers and active participators!!

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