15 responses to “An Apple A Day…

  1. WOW! That just pops!! What a gorgeous colour, isnt it? One of the reasons I hate to bite into an apple. It messes up the beautiful surface.

  2. Ow, and they said at a Farmer’s Market that I frequent at is that the ones with more black dots around the stem usually is better than the ones that have less.

    Hihi, sounding like TriviaMan here. Sorry.

  3. The way it got to me is An apple a day keeps a doctor away, two apples a day keep two doctors away…Imagine how many doctors you can keep away by eating a full basket!

  4. I have recently become a wildlife major at Humboldt State University, and I am taking the first required class of that major: Introduction to Wildlife Conservation & Administration.

    So far, the class has been little more than a jumbled series of dates and their corresponding policies. This stuff, while perhaps important, is disappointingly uninspiring as a first experience of this subject to which I intend to dedicate much of my life.

    I am hoping that people can recommend to me books that I could supplement my education with that will provide me with further appreciation and insight into the subject. I am particularly interested in learning the background of human’s relationship with wildlife, dating further back into history (way back in history), and then seeing how that has evolved into the sort of structures we have now.

    Really, I am interested in any book that addresses the topic of humans and their relationship with wildlife that is informative and interesting.Thanks!

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